1. Building a UPS, Part II: Monitoring

    In my last post, I described how I built my lovely (and massively overpowered) network UPS system. But it was missing something: a way to monitor the charge of the UPS. In principle, you’d use this information to tell equipment when it needs to gracefully shutdown.

    In practise, I’ve tried to avoid ever needing to shut down equipment by sizing it such that it can cope with any likely outages, but given that … read more.

  2. Building a UPS with LiFePO4 cells

    Power cuts have become a common occurrence around here, under the glamorous title of “load-shedding“. The local electrical utility has, for some years, and for many historical reasons, experienced periodic trouble meeting the demands placed upon the electricity network. It doesn’t happen all that often, but when it does, my area tends to go dark for about two hours, once or twice a day. This has led to a number of equipment failures; most … read more.

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